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A new direction in camper trailer design

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Available as a touring trailer or Toyota Hilux Expedition, GT Campers are purpose-designed from the ground-up to be Australia's most sesnible and durable remote area touring vehicles.

Unlike traditional camping vehicle designs that usually require large, level camp sites, GT Campers are easily set-up on any terrain Australia has to offer, making them the ideal touring vehicles for experienced travellers and remote-area workers.

Compact and quick, a GT Camper sets up and packs up in less than five minutes. GT Campers' flip-over double-sized tent is above the terrain and peg, rope and fuss-free. GT Campers' exclusive Bikini awning provides almost instant shade and shelter over the easily accessible slide-out kitchen. It's perfect for quick track-side lunch breaks. The super-tough Hard Deck lifts on gas struts for easy loading of your camping gear. Every GT Camper has generous fresh water capacity and dust-free storage for your equipment.

The GT Campers off-road touring trailer features a bush-tough Australian-made galvanized chassis fitted with no-nonsense Outback-grade leaf spring suspension.

The GT Campers Toyota Hilux Expedition can be configured as a Single- or Dual-Cab vehicle to create the ultimate go-anywhere outback touring machine.

Whether you need no-nonsense touring vehicle for remote area travel or service/work use, or a quick and handy go-anywhere touring trailer, the Australian-developed and made GT Camper is the High Performance Camper!


The GT Camper is the result of a no-nonsense design philosophy and in excess of 60,000km of evaluation over some of Australia's toughest terrain. GT Campers' extensive design and test regime included thousands of kilometres of high-speed Outback corrugations; slow, low-range tugging through the NSW and Victorian Alpine regions and testing of individual components with extended exposure to sun, wind and rain. GT Campers' component suppliers have been carefully chosen for sharing this thorough attention to reliability and durability.

There's nothing tougher than a GT Camper! You can be confident your GT Camper will go the distance, protect your gear and be the centre of your Aussie touring adventures for years to come. And GT Campers backs its product with a two-year, no-worries warranty on all major components.

The GT Camper is available as a camping/touring trailer or as the exclusive GT Campers Toyota Hilux Expedition. Both vehicle formats trailer or truck - offer the same quick set-up, quick pack-up features. Depending on your travel needs, the GT Camper trailer can be specified with light-duty or heavy-duty off-road suspension.

The GT Campers Toyota Hilux Expedition can be specified as two- or four-wheel drive with diesel or petrol power. The Expedition equipment is available on a customer's own vehicle or can be built as a brand-new, all-inclusive, ready-to-go vehicle at a more affordable price than some camper trailers!

With years of off-road vehicle and product assessment and experience, GT Campers can also advise and assist with modifications and accessories such as front protection bars, long range fuel tanks and suspension modifications.

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